Petillant naturel
Sauvignon blanc
brut nature

The grapes come 100% from Martinsdorfer Lagen, harvested in early September. Short maceration time, spontaneously fermented, fermented in the champagne bottle.

Slight yeast cloud, fine perlage. Subtle scent of elderflowers, black currants and floral aromas, complex and playful. Fresh, firm and well integrated acidity on the palate. Mineral, long finish, elegant and animating.


Technische Daten

Vintage 2019
Varietal composition Sauvignon blanc
Vinification Bottlefermentation
Aging sur lie Minimum 3 month
Lagerpotenzial 1-2 Jahre
Alcohol 11,5 % vol.
Residual sugar 2 g/l
Acidity 6,5 g/l
CO₂ >4 bar
Closure Natural cork

What is “sur lie”?

“Sur lie” (french for “on the lees”) denotes the number of months the sparkling wine has aged before the lees were disgorged.

Sur lie 18 At least 18 months
Sur lie 30 At least 30 months
Sur lie 50 At least 50 months

You can easily determine the aging sur lie by the color of the lozenges on the front label. Additionally the exact number of months is declared on the back label.

Sur lie 18 = dark grey lozenges, sur lie 30 = teal lozenges, sur lie 50 = golden lozenges

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Petillant naturell