Weingut, Region &
etwas Philosophie

A region to raise your glasses to

Where rolling hills gently flow from the Czech Republic into the Danube River, where all good things come to thrive, far away from the smogs of industries and traffic, this is Austria’s largest wine region: the Weinviertel. Only a twenty-minute drive away from Vienna is where Else Zuschmann and Peter Schöfmann live and love their work.

Weinviertel’s popularity is increasing, particularly among those who seek the peace and quiet of the countryside or those who are curious about the little miracles of wine cellars and friendly kitchens. And that is for a good reason - people here take their Gemütlichkeit very seriously.

One might have the Land of Cockaigne in mind. Our roasted chickens do not come flying into your mouth yet but it is likely that somebody is already working on it.

Where wine comes to life

The climate in Weinviertel brings us hot summers and cold winters every year, with generally little precipitation. A distinct characteristic, however, is the quick and subtle transition from winter to spring. Rainfalls around here usually find us in summer and they come as a short but fierce storm. Luckily, we are safe from long-lasting rain periods or heavy snowfalls in winter.

Since 2000, Else and Peter have been putting a lot of love and creativity into the 16 acre vineyard in Martinsdorf.

As usual for the Weinviertel region, Grüner Veltliner takes up the majority of their product range by 60%. Nevertheless, the couple shows great skill with the vinification of red wines such as Zweigelt and Pinot Noir.

Looking at the bigger picture

Else and Peter are more than just passionate winemakers. Their heart beats just as much for the development of the region, as well as issues of sustainability and glocal economics.

Several organic certifications and memberships in quality-securing organisations like Slow Food, Genießerzimmer and Top-Heuriger show that the couple is looking at the bigger picture.