In the "Massale Selection" process, the entire field is used from old, high-quality vineyards (from several top European locations), refined and, in a second step, re-exposed in dense planting on selected, selected vineyards. After the harvest and spontaneous fermentation, only the best blends are used for the selection.

We have spent a long and hard time looking at how we can vinify this type of wine.

We were able to import high-quality, selected vines from the best Burgundy regions in France and Germany and have exposed 6,000 vines per hectare on high-quality sites in Martinsdorf and Bad Pirawarth. ”The grapes are handpicked, vinified and fermented spontaneously; Then the wine is stored for one year on the full lees in new and used tonneaus (500 liter wooden barrels)

The result can be seen and tasted: the Weisse Burgunder Selection has a very strong expression, shows depth with length and can be stored well. "This wine embodies impressive clarity and power - it has what it takes to become an absolute star"

Connected to earth


These locations were filled with massive selections of old vineyards from the best Burgundy and Sauvignon Blanc regions. Dense planting on poorly growing rootstock produces the highest grape quality. In contrast to bred clones, the massive selections reflect a sensory diversity and abundance of the respective grape variety.