We produce our sparkling wine completely in-house, from the grape to the finished sparkling wine. Hand-picking, whole grape pressing and the exclusive use of the first portion of grape juice are the basis for our basic sparkling wines.

We have been producing our own line of sparkling wines since 2007 in the midst of the unspoilt nature of the Weinviertel.

The carefully tended and organically managed vineyards form the ideal breeding ground for the high quality of the sparkling wine. What begins in the vineyard is continued in the cellar.

The grapes are processed in the cellar with the same dedication and this is how the basic wine for our sparkling wine is created. As one of the few wineries in Austria, we run our own sparkling wine shop in order to continuously expand the range of sparkling wines and improve the quality.


We produce sparkling wine exclusively using the traditional method, bottle fermentation. It takes a lot of time and dedication. After the basic wine production, this is filled into the bottles with the triage in order to initiate the second fermentation in the bottle.

Then the sparkling wine is stored on the yeast, which gives it its incomparable taste. The duration of this time also determines in which category of the Austrian champagne pyramid it will later be placed. The champagne bottle then spends the last two weeks on the riddling puller to get the yeast into the bottle neck. Then it is disgorged!

Of course also in Martinsdorf at the Peter Schöfmann winery personally. When disgorging the yeast is removed, then the sparkling wine is completed with the dosage and corked. Each sparkling wine has its own dosage, which is put together in a previous tasting.

traditional method


“Sur lie” (french for “on the lees”) denotes the number of months the sparkling wine has aged before the lees were disgorged.

SUR LIE 18At least 18 months
SUR LIE 30At least 30 months
SUR LIE 50At least 50 months

You can easily determine the aging sur lie by the color of the lozenges on the front label. Additionally the exact number of months is declared on the back label.