That would be Else Zuschmann and Peter Schöfmann. They live in WEINVIERTEL, Austria’s famous “wine quarter” located north of Vienna, and create WINE with passion. In addition to wine, they offer REGIONAL DELICACIESEXCELLENT GUEST ROOMS and every now and then they conjure up delightful feasts. The couple is ORGANICSLOWFOOD - and very heart-warming.


This refreshing and cheerful collection includes two straightforward, single grape whites and a delightful rosé.

The Middle Kingdom: five medium-weight white wines and two mild red wines.

The best proof that running and time can do without speed: stimulatingly complex whites from loess and deep red flagships.


Raised with love, selected by hand, carefully selected and vinified with dedication.

Such is the development of the new top quality wines from the limited “selection” collection.

Both the Pinot Noir Muschelkalk Selection and the Sauvignon Blanc Urdonau Selection captivate with their mature style, elegant fullness and aroma as well as balanced harmony in which the traditional taste is in the foreground.


The craft of sparkling wine production has always fascinated and impressed us - after all, the wines from our region are perfect for sparkling wine "

Wissen, was los ist

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Where carefully selected regional delicacies and a cosy bed are waiting to be indulged in.


Gentle hills and an easy-going atmosphere, the quiet before and after the storm - the Weinviertel region bears the name of Else’s and Peter’s passion. And right here is where excellent soil lies at their feet.