Good wine is not subject to any trend, is not a lifestyle product and cannot be made easily, good wine is based on natural, sustainable organic agriculture with knowledge and feeling for the region and the natural conditions and on its existing soil on which the vines thrive and grow.

With this knowledge, we as a young winery quickly realized that a really good wine grows in the vineyard and is not produced. Those who deal with their vineyards and understand agriculture in the original sense are also allowed to harvest good grapes and only then can vinify excellent wines in the broadest sense.


Muskateller, Blush Rosé and Zweigelt Klassik impress with their youthful character and represent the “Sturm und Drang” phase of the wine. After an early harvest, the wines are fermented quickly and cool, matured in steel tanks and usually bottled in the same year. The result is a blooming lightness that plays around the palate of wine lovers with freshness and many aromas. A beautiful copper engraving by a young couple adorns the labels of the wine bottles.


Wines such as the Weinviertel DAC Klassik, the Gemischte Satz Tradition Martinsdorf, the Sauvignon Blanc, the Zweigelt or Traminer owe their balanced character to the excellent locations and soils of the Weinviertel. Whether shell limestone, Schricker mountains or hell - the wines are sustainable and powerful as well as superior and set. The grapes are mostly handpicked in October and fermented spontaneously after a maceration period of at least two hours. Storage takes place at least until mid-March of the following year, in some cases longer. On the newly designed labels, a middle-aged copperplate pair has been selected for the wines mentioned.


The late harvest wines Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Noir Reserve or the highly awarded Cerberus Reserve shine with a mature character with a lot of potential and a longevity that appears balanced and superior in its nuances. The fermentation of the wines selected until November takes place on the mash. Finally, large wooden barrels are used to store the privileged top products, which can enjoy the longest resting time. As a symbol of this, the new labels were provided with a copper engraving of a woman or a man of the specified age.